Ridersbnb, an airbnb for surfers

Ridersbnb An airbnb for surfers Who has never looked for good plans for a future surf trip? Knowing  the best spots, having every information about local transport, finding surf or yoga course according to your desire, or even sharing the... Read more

Morocco with Julia Muniz

Morocco with Julia Muniz Text Julia Muniz, photographies Victoria Moura Julia Muniz, a surfer and a Brazilian model living in California, went on a girls' trip to Morocco. She went for a photo shoot for an American clothing brand, along... Read more

The good ideas to go out in Paris

Anna lives in Paris and writes the blog “Surf and the city”. The idea for her is to explain how to keep in mind the surf spirit in town… This real citygirl who loves surf  has found for us good ideas to go out in Paris.

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